Telling the truth

Horses never lie. Can I just repeat that again, horses NEVER lie. When a human says, “well my horse has never….” you know ask any farrier, the next word is KICKED, you all… Continue reading

Went on a journey

Well Hello… long time since I’ve sat down to write, feels a very surreal night to just take this time to type away. It has been a whirlwind of a eight months as… Continue reading

2016 going… 2017 arriving.

Wow, what a year 2016 has brought, in changing up life!   About this time a year ago, I devoted to make some leaps in personal development and in business expansion. Enrolled in… Continue reading

Life… in acceptance.

Life gives us terms beyond what we can see or touch, except reality is we feel. Resonating in a foreign space of what is imagined vs what is tangible. We feel when things… Continue reading

Just doing the work…

As part of my daily schedule I work out in the morning, cycling for about 25 minutes and in this time I read lots of books. My brain wakes up, it is quiet… Continue reading


Do you wrap your horse in bubble-wrap? My bubble wrap got burst one by one… here is the story.  Yesterday Acute & I found each other in the round pen once again working,… Continue reading


I absolutely LOVE stillness. When nothing in the daily routine matters. When life is just cresting and resting at the top of a mountain. Closing my eyes and hearing the birds calling to… Continue reading


Synergy is BOLD, intense and resonates a frequency that commands attention. Synergy- “the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum… Continue reading


Do it with passion or not at all….  Unsure what human came up with this quote or if there really is a name that be attached to this statement except it seems to… Continue reading

In awe of this anniversary-

Have you ever stood in front of a horse and been in awe? Today marks the anniversary of when I first stood in awe watching a horse race from the rail that little… Continue reading

Living for the moment….

  Time goes by quickly and then there is moments that I just wish that I could pause and stop time only to realize that in that split second I stopped living in… Continue reading