Monthly Archive: December, 2015

Prepare and keep your horses safe-

As we approach coming into a new year there is a heightened celebration, then there is the other side of the coin, we’ve dreaded new years night since our first experience in 2001. Now… Continue reading

What is that green snot?

Panic, yes, oh my gracious… where does that green snot come from and why? On subject today, here we go on respiratory 101 and a suggestion to help you in your horse getting over… Continue reading

What is in your horse’s stocking?

This is my second favorite time of year (I LOVE spring) for so many reasons! Christmas is right around the corner, brisk mornings and cozy fireplace hot chocolates, and lots of barn time.… Continue reading

Everything is on the other side of- FEAR

False Evidence Appearing Real…. FEAR Does your horse have an unspoken FEAR or is it that really belonging to you? Horses have the incredible capability of sensing intent~ I personally believe a horse… Continue reading

What is your horse telling you?

Have you ever just sat with your horse? I mean nothing, doing nothing, no riding, no grooming, no talking, no singing, no electronics… just be. Honestly, what does your horse communicate to you?… Continue reading

Essential oils and horses? Yes, please!

Aromatherapy 101- Lavender & Peppermint… pure essential oils, yes please and horse approved! I know you will find a million reasons to utilize essential oils by a simple google search of “horses and… Continue reading