Monthly Archive: February, 2016

The Only muscle that matters-

  There is lots of muscles, like over 700 lots in a horse, however there is only one muscle that is needed; otherwise the rest of anatomy is irrelevant. Without this muscle operating, there is… Continue reading

Which direction do you go?

It is imperative in the more you expose yourself to learning, the more you apply your learning to work towards a blueprint goal. I love to learn new possibilities and application, it is… Continue reading

Projected labels in use-

Something I have a difficult time in understanding and comprehending is… projected labels. Like why does some humans refer to some horses as a level 8 on a scale of 1 – 10 and… Continue reading

Where are you living… past, present or future

In our thoughts, were do you reside in living life? The past few days are blowing the doors of the hinges in my Family, Business, Fitness and in my Faith and I’m excited to… Continue reading

A horse has a clear mind… always

  In survival mode, the mode of a prey, fight or flight mechanism, a horse has a clear mind in default, that is their business. Did you get that? A horse has a… Continue reading