In awe of this anniversary-

Have you ever stood in front of a horse and been in awe? Today marks the anniversary of when I first stood in awe watching a horse race from the rail that little did I realize would be coming home shortly after to our farm. I’ve wrote about Acute in the past blogging and have kept a journal in unraveling of what exactly was she teaching me and what was Acute needing me to understand. I have worked on what was her sign was to me and what was the balance that my vision was right or wrong.

Then I come back to the number fascination, really thinking it must be the DNA of some sort of why this is so intriguing to me considering I was raised in a private school and have yet to take a course on numbers to understand the complexity, so here is what I have: August= 8- date in calendar= 8- year 2015= 8 & come up with 888. Which lead to a google search, thankfully I no longer have to research by the card index, and there is where there is loads of information.


Here is a glimpse of highlights…

” Angel Number 888 tells you that your life purpose is fully supported by the Universe. It also closely resembles the Chinese symbol of Yin and Yang which essentially looks at the world as well as the universe as something that has a dual and eternal side to it. This number set basically is giving you a clue into how the world works; it does this by announcing to you that you should take the good and the bad and make everything work in your favor.

* The triple number 888 is seen as the number set of completion and infinity. When placed on its side it becomes the sign of infinity.

When you see the number 888, try as much as possible to prepare for change in your life.

* The number 888 indicates that your thoughts and actions are in harmony with each other.

* That number is about balance and the results of creating in the physical world.

*  It is a harmonious number as the two circles come together forming a continuous loop.

Imagine the flow of energy, in and out circling around and around. It is the flow of energy throughout the universe. It is a beautiful sight. What you need to know about this number is that there is no end or beginning, just a constant cycle and flow.

It is synergy and the melding of the spiritual and the physical. Once you have reached a vibration and able to see this number, manifesting what you want becomes much easier. At this point you have gotten rid of many of your fears and are able to see the Truth for what it is, an infinite cycle of beauty, form, and function.

Seeing this repeating number may come and go, as new fears are constantly being realized, throwing you out of alignment with its vibration. Once you have course corrected, you can realize the true energy of this number. It is a signal that you have made progress in your path of growth.

It serves as a reminder that whatever you’re doing is right and that you should keep at it until you get your break. In addition, you might want to consider starting new relationships, signing contracts and agreements once you see this number set since you’re more likely to be successful going forward thanks to the backing that you are about to receive from your angel guides and the universe in general. When 888 appears in places such as your birth-date, endeavor to life your life with a purpose since you’ve already been given a loving push by the universe by default.”

Wow, this is baffling for me to read based upon our journey this past year together. Acute has been the teacher, I have been the student, and the timing has been right in the hands beyond mine. Some days I get thrown as new fears that have come forward in journaling and then I come into alignment when Acute and I are just still. Just still, being present and taking thoughts in pace. Life has slowed down. Listening attentively. Hearing completely. Pondering just for the moment and as fate would have it, watching the moment pass by and to return back to the breath of us breathing as one again.

Strength comes in all forms, courage to continue, wisdom to observe and to grow in developing a mindset that is at peace.

Here is my question to you:

What was your date for the first time of you being in AWE of your horse? 

Get still and discover what is this date saying to you.

All the Best in Health to you & your horse,

Lisa @ Bonito Cheval