Do it with passion or not at all…. 

Unsure what human came up with this quote or if there really is a name that be attached to this statement except it seems to ring in the back of my subconscious. I’ve made this into a habit of questioning IF I am doing something is it really in line so to speak with a driven passion.

Working with horses is surreal for me. Like when I look outside or walk into the barn when winter hits with down pouring rain (really dreading this if you can’t see that) and see each one of our horses, I honestly have to get really still to be questioning if I am awake or asleep and becoming quiet enough to see what reality am I skipping between the two. Even when I walk into a clients barn, it is like honestly living out a unfathomable force that I am there to see what puzzle pieces need to be placed back together to provide a calmness for the horse presented in their space. There is no place for ego, there is no place for an agenda and this is where my business has no space. I have found that I can meet the western part of medicine with thermal images of disruption of patterns, see tangible changes and feel tangible changes physically to meet the standard of mechanical- the flip side, is auto-pilot and logically there never seems to be a plan, close my eyes and go forward.

I didn’t grow up from a little girl riding horses and my parents didn’t have me riding at a fancy barn or even a ranch of some sort. I didn’t fathom that one day I’ll have a little piece of a farm with dogs, chickens & goats (let alone milking goats) and little did I ever know why mucking stalls is therapy in itself. My life took me on a path that at this present moment did I realize where passion would drive to get me out of bed to hear a horse nicker.

Loosing sight of what others expected of me is where I have been able to discover a passion that I never thought would unfold. Sure I’ve heard some great input of what I “should” be doing over the past 15 years, “when are you going to go back to nursing?” a couple hundred times, “You do what again? Therapy FOR horses” the added eye roll is always amusing or the third top one, “why, would you do that?” with an unsure expression that I haven’t quite been able to figure out.  I have sat quietly pondering what was my “goals” in life  and what did I talk about when I was younger of what to “become” one day, soul searching if you will and I’ve reached this bizarre blank state, I guess that was the purpose of getting quiet- what I’ve found is, being present at embracing the purpose of what my inner most passion is… what brings me to humility- what makes my eyes tear up, is the moment of service of what can I do to bring a horse to balance in their ecosystem. To have a connection, to have a force that pulls me forward in tough moments and to give me courage has always come back to a horse of what my heart needs to do…..


The passion of service makes the chatter in my head quiet.

The moment of stillness is found in the breath of every ounce of my muscle in company of horses. It is quite frankly a calmness that can almost be the hardest part to put into words, it is just still. I grasp all that a horse is willing to share, ground out the chaos and give a breath.

In your moments with your horse, ask yourself:

“Why, do you do this?”

Whatever your “this” is…  what is your passion in learning from your horse?

As always, All the Best to you and your horses in health,

Lisa @ Bonito Cheval