Synergy is BOLD, intense and resonates a frequency that commands attention.


Synergy- “the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.”

This defines the work in moving together and as a horse becomes an extension of us, the human. To RIDE. The first step and the last step to move in strategic unison.  Working every muscle, in every breath with a pounding of the heart to gain freedom. The freedom of movement that with the slightest notion this becomes a dance.

When a horse mirrors our soul. When a horse teaches us everything that we never wanted to know about ourselves and everything we are about to the core. To orchestrate the balance between two souls. To combine one into a unity that binds stronger than metal to metal when fire is applied. Only to achieve the greater response, unfathomable trust.

There is no separation, this is strength.

The strength to combine one another. When tears are shared and pure bliss is felt. When a horse becomes a friend, a confidant, fear and joy mixed into one. To know our inner most thoughts and these are then defined in our horses eyes.

A harmony that will always be pure.

The smell of fresh sweat and the smell of a new roll in the grass… belongs to our horses that are willing to share with us to bring us to whole.  As my fingers run through the mane to feel every string connected between us is where I begin to feel unworthy of such Love.

Loyalty that surpasses above all else imagined or real. Honesty in our transparent communication with no comparison to any other living being resounds as whispers with our horses. Serenity as we embrace stillness in nano seconds that last for hours.

Beauty that comes in wisp of a forelock, a dappled coat and an energy force that we follow in spirit. The protection as we embrace to become one.

Horse are our EVERYTHING.

Our hearts ache for the nostrils that provide us with breath. Our horses breathe us, we breathe our horses and synergy will connect us beyond comprehension. Our horse have heart and give us ours in LIFE. In one another we discover our reason to continue and our reason to move forward.

As another season comes to closure in racing for 2016, I will long for the moments spent with horses that have a piece of me along the way. Unsure what the future will bring to us connecting once again to gather up puzzles of me floating about; in stillness Loving what is at the present moment. Will miss our routine, our quiet whispers and absolutely everything.

My heart understanding this is bye for now…

We have lost, we have cried and we have had to say our goodbye for a final time, or do we?

What is your word? The one word that defines the LOVE of a horse?

Mine-> Serenity.

All the Best in Health for you and your horses,

Lisa @ Bonito Cheval