Just doing the work…

As part of my daily schedule I work out in the morning, cycling for about 25 minutes and in this time I read lots of books. My brain wakes up, it is quiet time to block out extra thought processes of what I have to do, what needs to be done, you know the list of things, keeps me physically in shape on working horses since some days are better than others and probably my most important reason is the release of stress is immeasurable. Sometimes the collection of books consists of text books on horses, sometimes personal growth, sometimes business- the common denominator of the books in my collection is: Expansion.


Today I was reading in Ryan Holiday’s- “EGO is the Enemy” and almost done, then a sentence hit me on page 181:

“Doing the work is enough.”

Wow, that is a big horse pill for me. I LOVE results, LOVE the accomplishment of a goal, LOVE the sense of worth after the “work” has been complete, that I miss out on just the “doing” of the work. The adrenaline of focus on result has forced me physically time and time again to continue to push, some ways this is good or millions of times I would have thrown up my hands of frustration. The other opposite spectrum is that physically, my body will crash to have me stop and then physically my body has to regain strength.

The balance of just noticing that “doing the work is enough” can be applied on so many levels inside the barn and outside.

After working out in the morning, I meditate for 15 minutes (a timer is great for this or I’d sit longer) and today I wanted to get really clear of my how to apply this one sentence with my horses to learn from my reading….

Here is the top 3

  1. Staying PRESENT in doing the work with my horses- so many times my mind wanders, what to make for dinner, if the boys soccer gear is clean for the game, did I start the dishwasher, what is that email notification that just did the “bleep” on my phone, FB notification of who is this? all that stuff that interferes with doing the work and in those thoughts, I have to work at just leaving it outside of the space of working.
  2. Appreciate my horses in doing the work day in and day out- is there days where the water is smooth- YES and thankfully there is LOTS of those days, then there is also days that my horses have rough days and reality is: so do I. What is so interesting to me is when I sit back from one of those rough moments and get still in my head of questioning why, goes back to the very basics- my horse was mirror of me. UGGGH- So reality would be go back to step 1, get present crystal clear.
  3. Last but not least- Understanding that my horse doesn’t know of the “result” that I am cheering on is my overall comprehension to apply this concept of to just be there in doing the work as being enough.  As humans, the EGO sure does LOVE results, like the comparison, the pendulum swing between “what is; NOW” to what is “NOW” in the past. The nano seconds and to move forward away of the negatives to finding crystal clear quiet space.

So here goes into a new day, one that I appreciate in waking up to, with distractions all around, the to-do-list that always seems to have another thing added, socks to match up, dishes to do, horse’s feet to pick out, stalls to clean, emails to respond to, carpets to vacuum, eggs to collect from the chickens, etc, etc… and I will remind the EGO to be quiet to stay present, appreciate the “doing” portion and to let go of the result.

Does it really matter if the socks aren’t put together? Would someone please tell me that I’m not the only one that has a basket of socks.

Would love to hear how you apply: “doing the work is enough”

Until next time,

Lisa @ Bonito Cheval

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