2016 going… 2017 arriving.

Wow, what a year 2016 has brought, in changing up life! pocket-watches-436567_1280


About this time a year ago, I devoted to make some leaps in personal development and in business expansion. Enrolled in a few select personal mentors, purchased lots of books (Amazon LOVES me) and invested into business development of expanding in marketing. How the two interconnected was about to unfold before me and little did I realize what I was setting up for as the months of 2016 unfolded. Now I can look back to see what lessons were learned and how did I apply.

In January, I went to a personal development one day workshop which lead me to a 10 day of cracking open Pandora’s box in March.

In February, I began training videos, which by the way is close to freezing in the snow uphill both ways, except I did learn that eventually I loved talking to everyone on the other side of the lens.

Also in March, was a business workshop, that put me back on a plane to California and which I applied to invest into a course to complete to complete on marketing.

In April, was fully back into the swing of life at the race track and competition barns providing therapy. My campaigns were established, life was full in all aspects and moving like a well-oiled machine.

In May, that leads to where the universe then tested in what I learned in personal development, being authentic and transparent in giving my input.

This also put a path of heartache to experience: death

In June, staying the course. Routine- day in and day out.

In July, first of three losses, soul sister of 7 years. Story is- we worked long hours in keeping horses as sound as possible started when we first met in 2009. Professionally we worked from 2010 and made leaps and bounds in getting to the first Stakes win on Father’s Day- June 21, 2015, this day was a high-light of her career with dozens of wins prior to and afterwards. Personally, we just bounced tons of ideas back and forth of how to maneuver through mayhem of nonsense, all kinds, nights we spent sleeping on bales of alfalfa and waking up for another day at the office aka the barn.  We were raw, transparent, a relationship built on trust and completely in a bubble. May 19, 2016- our world fell apart, the first time ever. We both cried that day, we both were worried and we both felt division for the first time.  Life was just not the same as we had known it prior to that day.                             July 17, 2016- my sister gained her angel wings.

In August, staying the course. Routine- day in and day out.

In September, second loss, my adoptive Dad. He took on the place of being my Dad, reflected the good in every person he met. He spoke of LOVE, showed LOVE, reflected LOVE and all this when he never had to biologically. Our mother walked out of our lives when I was 16, my sister was 12, and his biological son was 6. He let our mother know that my sister and I were staying with him and his son. Good God I am grateful that however he was found, he came in to give our Family a base of strength and stability.  In his passing, this gave his son life, coming off the streets of Colorado to sleeping in big sister’s spare bedroom. We haven’t been close in the last 12 years prior to my brothers’ enlistment, he came out of the military changed from the eight-teen year old that I thought I knew and now working on tough talks, lots of tears, only to say “Hi, we are siblings somewhere in the past, nice to meet you.” September 7, 2016- he gained his angel wings.

Through all of LIFE on the personal realm, the marketing course was completed with all modules October 2, 2016, this kept me moving forward- with plenty of times that I thought, well maybe some other time, I have no idea what I got myself into and lots of self-sabotage thought patterns. This put me back to staying a course. I continued with the routine, calendar: my wake-up, herbs, work-out, meditate, journal, shower, boys to school, work- barns/online, pick-up boys school- then my favorite part of my day block- personal HORSES. This is my sanity.  

In October, a heart condition came up as a red flag. I then left on round two on personal development for another 10 days, this time- was dramatically different and the same in the one breath. I got clear, crystal clear and was present. I grasped lessons that I slept through in March. This time, I floated within a bubble, was able to learn and teach- grateful for this inner core work.

In November, left for a business trade show. Dramatically expanded in on-line marketing and then of course the election… more journaling in lots of aspects. Then came back to my business, the government and God’s business. It will all work out as it should.

In December, a third loss, a friend through business, Neil. We enrolled in a marketing campaign program together this past year. We became FB friends. He made posts, I made posts, we “liked” each other’s posts. We encouraged each other, congratulated each other on passing modules and just gave a thumbs up when it was needed. We never were given the opportunity to personally meet, except was looking forward to the event coming in February 2017. Then on December 22nd, posts were made of his passing in our group and it was very surreal of what I was reading. Suicide, I hate this word. It leaves lots of questions, lots of no answers and lots of feeling like “how did I not see this?”  Only to conclude- that there was no longer the will to continue in this life here now, because as much as it hurts for us here, that is reality. December 22, 2016- he gained his angel wings.

I share this very big overview of a roller coaster year that in these nano seconds, living LIFE is just that- LIVING. Do I have tears wishing for a text message, a phone call or a FB post- yes- then I journal out, lots of tears blurring my vision to come to LOVE. Does reality sting, yes or maybe not because all of this here is just a blink of an eye. Time never travels and never stops in thoughts. I have learned to thank each part of moments for sharing their LIFE with me. I have learned to get quiet in thoughts. Lessons have been learned and applied, only to welcome more to come and follow. The will to continue in this life is all I have or maybe never have…

The most purest LOVE, that all of this brought me to now.

The now that will soon be the past.

I have learned to live for nano-seconds, glimmers of sparkle under the mud. If you would like to know more, I’d be willing to share this with you- contact me at: info@bonitocheval.com

Grateful for such an amazing year of 2016 and so looking forward to 2017 in expansion.

Stay well- LOVE fiercely.

All the Best in Health for you and your horses, 

Lisa @ Bonito Cheval

Ps. Stay tuned for 2017- we are excited about growth- AGAIN!