Bonito Cheval, Inc started in 2001 in a pivotal change in life leaving Harborview to leap into massage therapy, specializing in working with horses. Business all started with a few referrals of horses that there was “something” wrong, which has now grown to full operations in optimizing dynamic health specializing in horses.

In the past 14 years, I’ve learned how to become a better human and strive to be more of the human our horses would want to be with by choice. Each horse has their own persona, their language and personally I believe it is up to us as humans to understand their communication lines instead of us expecting them to understand ours.

Each athlete has their own unique make-up of mechanical or emotional concerns that leads this to be ever-changing industry.

In 2015, we are excited to announce that we will now be offering the Niagara Equissage PULSE therapy system distribution here in the US. We are excited to travel and teach the benefits of this 3 in 1 system to owners and trainers alike.

We will achieve radical results by working together, you will be amazed in how massage treatments could benefit your horses.

All the best in Health,
Lisa and the team at Bonito Cheval, Inc

You can find us here for more information on the Niagara Equissage at- www.bonitocheval.com 

info@bonitocheval.com or call us at 360-704-8318