In the comfort of solitude

When life gets us turned sideways, where is your solitude? I honestly feel that we all need to find our space to gather up thoughts especially when we are passionately driven by our… Continue reading

When silence hurts…

2015 FIRST Stakes Win on Father’s Day This morning I woke up to the news of an equestrian, trainer and personal friend of seven years committing suicide; a topic that seems to remain… Continue reading

How to roll with it…

Horses are my biggest influence, in Life, to roll with the process. There is no that Amber is checking on out in her field to see if there should be sunshine on Wednesday or rain… Continue reading

Reflection in the water…. what is in your well?

I have found life to be an interesting turns and twists, with only ending up with 24 hours in a day. Some days I want to hold on to every last detail, pausing… Continue reading

Getting back to basics

Absolutely love getting back to basics, like beginning at square 1 and to find out what holes are in the loop of being lost in trust. In the trenches, is where I feel… Continue reading

Reality wins 100% of the time…

You know this thing called REALITY, ya, when you attempt to fight with it, you loose…. Long story short, reality wins… 100% of the time! Why? Why is the human brain wired to… Continue reading

Morning walk-

Went for a walk, not a far walk, nothing like a 20 mile hike with steep elevation except some steps felt like that, just from my house to my fields where our horses… Continue reading

When you get tanked in life

What does it mean to get tanked in life? Here is the raw, relevant truth of definition…. When the body stops dead in its tracks, unable to roll out of bed without every… Continue reading

Why therapy is beneficial.

One of the most fascinating questions that comes up in regular conversation of first meeting another human is, “what do you do?” My response, “A therapist for horses.” Then it is like complete… Continue reading


Just getting back into the swing of things in being quiet enough taking the time to… notice See I left on a trip that my thought process was going to include a “relaxing”… Continue reading